Monday, October 7, 2013

Shooting in Hawaii: Snorkeling, Beaches, Waves and Bikinis

I just got back from a 10 day trip to Hawaii (Maui to be exact) with my wife Karlee. While this trip was a vacation, I find it impossible not to pick up the camera and shoot when in such a beautiful environment. Below are a handful of my favorite images from the trip. And look on the website in the near future to see more. Enjoy!








Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Eddie Bauer Ad Campaign for Publicis

Earlier in this summer (or maybe I should say late, late Spring), I got a call from Publicis - Seattle to shoot part of the new Eddie Bauer ad campaign (Eddie. Set. Go.) They had already shot the action part of the campaign, but still needed close ups of the jackets on their athletes. With little to no snow left in the mountains, crappy weather in the forecast and a looming print deadline, we headed indoors to capture the needed images. We would shoot the athletes (Lynsey Dyer and Wyatt Caldwell) in studio and photoshop in the background elements later. 

 A short notice, quick and fun shoot. Below are the completed ads as well as a couple candid shots from the day.

 EB Womens 1

EB Mens 1 

 A couple of crappy cell phone shots from the studio (overview of location setup & a shot from Lynsey's Instagram feed of us trading jobs for a few... apparently all photogs have to have attitude when they're in front of the camera :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Commercial Work: Salomon Sports and Stevens Pass

As the leaves have started turning and the temperature gets colder, we say goodbye to another Summer. And with that, the start of another ski season. Nothing marks this on my calendar more than seeing the first of the ski magazines and movies of the season. So, without further ado, here's the first crop of images I was fortunate enough to work on last winter.

Promotional poster for Stevens Pass Mountain Resort

Stevens 2014 Winter Poster

Salomon poster for Vincent Gagnier

FW13.Freeski.Posters.Gagnier_LR 3

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crossfit Shoot: Behind the Scenes

A couple weeks back I did a Crossfit photo shoot at a gym here in Seattle. This shoot was a personal shoot I produced for myself rather than for a client. Every once in a while I like to put together projects where I have complete creative freedom and can shoot whatever style I 'm feeling like.

Not only is it nice to be able to have creative freedom in the styling, but it also allows me to experiment with new techniques, styles or concepts. On top of that, it gives me the chance to tailor my portfolio to the kind of shooting I want to be doing in the future.


Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot above. And I've attached a couple of my favorite shots here on the blog. But be sure to visit our main website to see more.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Portait Assignment for Ski Magazine: Tim Petrick: CEO of K2

Last week I got a last minute assignment from Ski Magazine to go and shoot the CEO of K2 skis, Tim Petrick.

Petrick Portraits

With minimal time to accomplish this, I showed up a little before I was supposed to meet Tim,  to scout the office and set up lights. Not wanting to waste a lot of Tim's time, I tried to keep the portrait session under 15 minutes between three different locations within the building.

All said and done, the portraits turned out great and you'll be able to see the finished product in the September Issue of the magazine. Until then, here are a couple of out-takes from the shoot.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Behind the Scenes: Stevens Pass shoot with Bobby Brown, Gus Kenworthy and Poor Boyz Productions

Back in May I had the opportunity to do a massive park shoot at one of my home mountains, Stevens Pass. This shoot was for Poor Boyz Productions and highlighted ESPN X-Games gold medalist, Bobby Brown.

Check out the behind the scenes video from ESPN above. And I've attached a couple of my favorite out-takes of Bobby, Gus and Vincent from the shoot... shots I dig, but that are the B edits from the shoot. Look for the "A" selects in the magazines this coming winter.






Friday, April 12, 2013

Brooks Running : Track Shoot

Just finished a quick one day shoot for Brooks Running earlier this week. The shoot was aimed at capturing images of their track and cross country shoes and outerwear for their 2014 catalog.

A large crew of producers, art directors, stylists, assistants, digital techs and models comprised our group. Fortunately, everyone in the group was awesome! All the moving pieces coordinated well and our shot list was easy to achieve in our one day of allotted time.


As the catalog is still under wraps, I can't yet share any of the images from the day, but above is a shot of the crew reviewing pics on the iPad. This recent addition of gear/ technology to our arsenal is priceless in it's ability to wirelessly push images to an iPad for easy review by art directors and clients. So much nicer than having four or five people crowd around the back of the small LCD screen on camera. In the shot above, the iPad is coupled with a sun shade from